Upcoming LifeFlight Training

EHS LifeFlight will be conducting six EHS LifeFlight Scene Safety Courses in the month of December, 2014. These courses are open to all Emergency Service Providers (ie: Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Search and Rescue Personnel, DNR Officers, etc.)

This course will focus around procedures outlined in the new Scene Landing LZO Reference card found at www.ehslifeflight.ca.  Please review the LZO Pre-course study online prior to the night of the course and if possible print off the LZO Reference Card. Immediately following the training there will be a short briefing for all agencies who have or or interested in having a LifeFlight Community Helipad.

Please click on the following links for more information:

EHS LifeFlight Scene Safety Course Mahone Bay - 01 Dec 2014

EHS LifeFlight Scene Safety Course North Sydney - 02 Dec 2014

EHS LifeFlight Scene Safety Course Mabou - 03 Dec 2014

EHS LifeFlight Scene Safety Course Guysborough - 04 Dec 2014

EHS LifeFlight Scene Safety Course Shelburne - 08 Dec 2014

EHS LifeFlight Scene Safety Course Shubenacadie - 09 Dec 2014


TMR2 Migration

for MFR Agencies

Effective October 17, 2014 the entire EHS system will have been fully migrated to the new TMR2 system.  The fire service is slated to migrate starting in November 2014 and ending late February 2015.   


Because EHS and the fire service will be operating on two different TMR systems, EHS will have to patch the four MFR talkgroups together and bridge them to the TMR2 system.  What the fire service can expect is essentially a “Party Line” between all four MFR talkgroups.  This patch will have to stay in place until the entire fire service is migrated to TMR2.  The patch is anticipated to run from October 11, 2014 to the end of February 2015.


Please use the MFR talkgroups as you have done in the past.  You can expect to hear increased traffic as you will now hear all MFR agencies from around the province.  


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mike Lockett at

902-532-8280 or michael.lockett@emci.ca


Documentation Replacing Triage

Starting in the Fall of 2014 and continuing through the Winter of 2014 / 2015 MFR Services will be phasing in Documentation in place of Triage as a mandatory session.This change is imperative if we want the MFR program to grow and develop into the important community resource it is intended to be. Every opportunity will be taken to present a Documentation course along with another essential competency whenever possible.

MFR Report Cards

As of the first week of July 2014, the annual MFR Report Cards were mailed out. If you haven't received or seen yours yet, please check with your Chief.

These reports are indicative of how well you have been doing with sending in your PCRs after a call. Please keep in mind the statistics are for the previous calendar year.  In order for the MFR program to advance we need to know what types of calls agencies are responding to, how many times they're stood down, and especially how many cardiac calls; there will be future audits done on these. 

Any agency who has a PCR compliance of over 75% will also have received a plaque for their department.

If you have any questions regarding these reports, you can contact Barb Eld at  barbara.eld@emci.ca


Welcoming Mike Lockett to the EHS MFR Department

Dale Bartlett and Phil Stewart  are pleased to announce Michael Lockett will be joining the System Support Dept. for a 12 month term in the position of MFR Coordinator commencing May 20th, 2014.

Mike will be responsible for the over sight management of the provincial EHS Medical First Response program pertaining to System Support  & Logistics replacing Paul Maynard who is being seconded to the TMR 2 Project.

Mike comes to us from the Western Region where he has served as an  ICP as well as  various other roles in Operations; Mike is also a long time volunteer Fire Fighter in his community.


Please join us in welcoming Mike to the Redstone office.


Upcoming Sessions:
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Recent Philips FRx Heartstart Notification

The attached information letter was issued by Phillips Canada in relation to the Heartstart FRx AEDs issued to the MFR agencies in Nova Scotia. Although it is referred to as a “recall”, it is simply a clarification of the user manual and requires no action on your part.    Please see the following memo from Philips.        Philips FRx & HS1 AED


Clinical Advisory Memo

Please read the following memo from Provincial Medical Director Andrew Travers regarding the use of administering oxygen to patients and the management of cutaneous burns.          Clincial Advisory - April 25 2014


Epi-Pen Pilot Project Commences

Paramedics Megan Oickle, Laura Mather and First set of epi-pens being presented to Big Tancook Island representative.


We are pleased to announce that a one year extended scope of practice for the use of epi-pens has commenced for 6 MFR Agencies in Nova Scotia.    The pilot project will provide MFRs, who have been appropriately trained, to assist with the administration of this medication.    MFRs in the selected agencies will undergo a training workshop which will enable them to identify the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and assist the patient with the delivery of the medication epinephrine in a safe and effective manner.  The project will be reviewed in November 2014 with possible extension to other agencies.

Pictured are EHS MFR Facilitators Megan Oickle, Laura Mather and Coordinator Paul Maynard presenting Katie Baker of the Big Tancook Island Emergency Response Association with the first set of epi-pens for the clinical trial.

New levels of service now available

If you find your department is not satisfied with the number of calls they may or may not be receiving, please see the attached letter detailing the newest levels of service available for you to choose from.        MFR New Levels of Service


Memo from Dr. Andrew Travers  - Glucometers

Please see read this important memo from Dr. Andrew Travers, Provincial Medical Director with respect to the use of glucometers by MFRs.      MFR Glucometer Memo - 2013


NEW Dust Cover and ring for new Oxygen Cylinders

Please see this important memo regarding changes to dust covers on oxygen cylinders.       Technical Services Bulletin-MFR


Insurance coverage for EHS registered Medical First Responders

Read important information about insurance coverage for EHS registered MFRs in the Newsroom .


Quik Combo Adapter makes Philips FRx compatible with LP12

We are receiving excellent feedback from our EHS MFR Agencies with respect to the new Philips FRx AED device.  Pictured below is the Quik Combo Adapter Model 05-10000, which is clipped to the LP12 therapy-pouch in every EHS ambulance, thereby providing compatibility of the Philips pads in use with the LP12.

Quick Combo Adaptor B


Are you looking for refresher training?

The calendar on the left indicates upcoming events. To view the complete list and details, select "Training Calendar" in the menu or click on the date in the calendar itself which will direct you to that page and content.

If your MFR agency wants to arrange a refresher training session, contact the EHS MFR Services office and we can connect you with a volunteer MFR Facilitator in your area.


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