Medical First Responder reRegistration Application
Please insert your MFR Tag Number

Please see EHS MFR Program Document Nos. 12008.00 & 12015.00 for Registration and Re-registration requirements.

For Initial EHS MFR Registration:
- Please attach a copy of your St. John Ambulance or Canadian Red Cross Medical First Responder certificate.

For Re-registration:
- Medical First Responders may complete MFR recertification training through one of the EHS recognized Medical First Responder training agencies - St. John Ambulance or Canadian Red Cross. Please attach a copy of your St. John Ambulance or Canadian Red Cross certificate.
- Medical First Responders may attend refresher training sessions authorized by EHS MFR Services and facilitated by EHS registered Paramedics who are approved volunteer EHS MFR facilitators. Current Heart & Stroke Foundation, St. John Ambulance & Red Cross AED & CPR cards will also be accepted; submit copy with registration. (MFRs may be required to provide proof of attendance of any refresher training session upon request.)
Six mandatory refresher sessions:
- Primary Survey
- Vital Signs
- Documentation
- Airway Management

Please upload all your supportive documents

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The EHS Medical First Response (MFR) program is largely a rural-based program that serves to enhance pre-hospital patient care provided by the EHS system.