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April 05
Important Information on Triage, Fentanyl and backboarding

**Attention All MFR's**
 Please take a moment to review this important documents below.
November 10
Welcome Jill Burke- New MFR Registrar

Please join us in welcoming Jill Burke to the EHS MFR Program as the Administrative Assistant/MFR Registrar. Jill joins us from the System Support Division where she worked as the Receptionist at our Redstone office in Dartmouth.
Jill has an extensive experience in the administration profession and takes great pride in providing top level support. She is looking forward to working with the 2200 MFR’s and 220 registered MFR Agencies.
At this time we would like to thank Jackie Crocker for her service to the program and wish her all the best in her exciting new adventure.
Jill may be contacted at (902) 832-8356 or Jill.Burke@emci.ca
September 06
Guidance tool to filling out the new type PCRs.

Here is a basic learning tool to assist you in filling out the new style PCRs.


New MFR PCR.pptxNew MFR PCR.pptx

May 28
New Ambulance / Paramedic Identification (Call Sign)

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New Ambulance / Paramedic Identification (Call Sign)
EHS has implemented a new method for ambulance identification (ambulance call sign) that all MFR Agencies should be aware of.  This is important as MFR agencies will be required to use this call sign in the “Unit” section of the MFR PCR (Patient Care Report).
Paramedic shifts/stations are assigned a permanent call sign that will not change regardless of what ambulance the crew is working in. The ambulance will still display the physical ambulance number on the side, front and rear of the ambulance. This is simply the vehicle number, not the paramedic crew call sign.
There are three ways to find out the paramedic’s call sign:
1 – Ask the paramedic crew
2 – The paramedic’s A, B, C and D kits should have a blue tag attached with the crews call sign engraved on it. The paramedic portable radios are also engraved with the crew’s call sign.
3 – The MFR agency can contact the EHS Medical Communications Centre via TMR radio and ask for the call sign.
Download New Call Sign: 
Michael Lockett, ICP
Emergency Health Services
MFR Services and System Support
Work: (902) 832-8620
Cell: (902) 532-8280

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The EHS Medical First Response (MFR) program is largely a rural-based program that serves to enhance pre-hospital patient care provided by the EHS system.